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Ganz privat - mein aktuelles Hobby - Helifliegen (zu Hause)

Season 1  -  H125 Helicopter

Episode 1

My wish came true. I got an H125 helicopter. I caught it myself! Now I can practise my piloting skills. Over and over again. As you can see, I really need it. My journey takes me from Switzerland via Nevada to California.

Episode 4

Episode 2

Flight over and through San Francisco. Then I have to find a place to spend the night. That's not so easy. And now you can take a look at my helicopter landing skills.

Episode 5


Episode 3

A miracle happens at the beginning and then a relaxed flight through the impressive Grand Canyon begins. Also an additional look at my helicopter take-off skills.

Chicago, Toronto and more. A dangerous day with a happy ending. Including an almost-masterpiece.

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